Breast Augmentation without Operation

Alternative to silicone implants

For women who wish a minimal increase in breast volume there is a non-surgical option using what is called an external breast tissue expander known as the Brava bra.

This specially formed bra for breast augmentation without surgery consists of two polyurethane half-cups, which are placed around the breasts and adhere to them by way of silicone cushions. A vacuum is created within the cups and maintained by a small battery-driven microprocessor-controlled pump. The whole thing is held in position by a sports bra. However, this vacuum treatment requires great patience and stamina. The Brava bra has to be worn for at least 10 hours per day for 10 weeks and skin irritations can develop in the area where the cups make contact with the breasts.

A sensible combination is to use a Brava Vacuum Expander in conjunction with lipofilling because the vacuum expander optimally prepares the breast tissue in readiness for fat transfer and allows for improved blood circulation.