Breast Lift, Mastopexy
Incision sites for breast lift comparable
to those in a breast reduction:
1. Usually a "reverse T" incision
2. If possible, without incision under breast

Breast Lift - Mastopexy

It is not only oversized breasts, but sagging breasts that can be extremely troublesome and the causes are many. After pregnancy or substantial weight loss, there can be a significant loss of firmness and volume in the breasts. Sagging or damaged tissue can no longer be made tense again through physical exercise, cosmetics, massage, or dietary supplements, so breast lift surgery is considered.

In surgery as for a breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty), the breasts are raised and the sunken nipples revised by putting them back in their original position. However, at the same time – if at all necessary – only minimal amounts of gland and fat tissue are removed. In other words, the breasts are raised, but retain their original volume and thus tightened. However, if the breasts have lost extreme volume, then the possibility of considering an implant may be sensible. Where possible, the milk ducts are left intact, so the ability to breastfeed is not affected. However, family planning should no longer be on the agenda as another pregnancy could, under certain circumstances, be disadvantageous to the outcome of the operation. Ideally, patients wishing a breast lift should have as stable a body mass as possible as any future weight gains or weight losses could negatively affect the breast shape.


Before surgery you should have the necessary precautionary examinations and talk over the results with our anaesthetist. Generally, breast lift surgery is performed under general anaesthetic during a 1 to 2 day stay in hospital. Afterwards you will receive aftercare in the practice on an out-patient basis. The drainage tubes inserted during surgery are normally removed in the days after surgery and the bandages removed in the following days after that.

You should make an appointment with your gynaecologist in advance and also possibly have a mammogram.

Aftercare and Recovery

You should take time to rest and recover after surgery. Swelling, bleeding and numbness in the nipples usually completely disappear. Breast reduction or breast lifting leaves visible scarring, but this can be effectively concealed behind a bra or swimwear. Should you have operation technique 2, then the resulting folds of skin will smooth out over the following 2 to 3 months and the still high-positioned breast will gradually sink. It will be necessary to wear a support bra for around 6 weeks after surgery.