Forehead Lift
Incision sites for forehead lift:
Endescopic techniques only require small
incisions that "disappear" under the hair

Endoscopic Forehead Lift

To smooth out deep wrinkles in the forehead, commonly known as frown lines or worry lines, we use modern endoscopic techniques. Through endoscopy it is possible to considerably reduce the visibility of scars because these video guided operations require little 1cm to 1.5 cm long incisions, which are within the hairline of the scalp or on the hairline of the forehead. It is not necessary to have the head shaven for surgery. During a forehead lift, the skin is tightened; excess and sagging underlying fat tissue is repositioned and sunken eyebrows (eyebrow lift) elevated.


A forehead lift is usually performed under general anaesthetic. It is therefore advisable to receive treatment on an in-patient basis for about 1 day. The after care is similar to that after a facelift. The bandages are removed 2 to 3 days after surgery and the sutures usually removed approximately 10 days after the operation. In order to reduce the traces of the operation, such as swelling or bruising, it is possible to wear so-called camouflage make-up. You should avoid sport and other strenuous physical activities for 6 weeks. Besides this, it is important to protect your face from the sun for a few months.