Liposuction on the tummy and outer sides
of the thighs (saddlebags):
to treat the above illustrated areas,
a special tube called a cannula is fed
through small incisions at various points
on the skin.


Liposuction is the term used to describe the removal of unsightly or excess deposits of fat in various areas of the body through suction. This procedure is usually the only way to get problematic surplus body fat under control for good as it targets problem areas in the body that sport or diet cannot deal with. This procedure can also simultaneously target and improve orange peel syndrome (cellulite).

The most common areas of the body affected are the tummy, buttocks, hips, upper thighs, upper-arms, and also the inner-knees, lower thighs and ankles. It is especially the thigh zone that is a problem area for many women. Cushions of excess fat in these areas are commonly known as saddlebags. Other similar problem areas for women are the upper arms. Here the contours of the upper arms can also be improved through liposuction.

It is not only the common areas of the body that liposuction can benefit, but basically all areas of the body, including the face. Here the chin and neck are the areas most affected. It is also possible to smooth facial wrinkles by using the body’s own fat gained from liposuction as filler for the wrinkles.

To carry out liposuction, we inject a solution of sterile salt, a local anaesthetic and an anti-bleeding agent into the fat tissue. This loosens the tissue, narrows small blood vessels and aids removal of the surplus fat tissue as well as being kinder on the body and reducing blood loss. A special tube called a cannula is used to extract the fat through several short 1-1.5cm incisions.

Aftercare and Recovery

You can be given liposuction on an in or outpatient basis depending on the extent of the liposuction itself. Smaller areas can be treated using a local anaesthetic, but larger areas require an operation under general anaesthetic. After 2 to 5 days you will be able to take up light physical activities again. After surgery you will wear specially designed compression garments for anything from 6 to 12 weeks. Sauna, solarium und intense exposure to sunlight should be avoided for 3 months. This is essential in order for the skin to tighten as well as possible. It will be necessary to wait 3 to 6 months before swelling in the operated areas has subsided and the outcome of the treatment is truly visible.

Liposuction Combined with Tummy Tuck

In many cases it is sensible to combine liposuction with a tummy tuck. However, as every patient is different, we will be only too happy to inform you in detail of the solutions, alternatives and risks specific to you as an individual in an obligation-free consultation. During this consultation you will be given a physical examination and informed of the most appropriate treatment methods as well as advised on whether liposuction would be adequate alone, or if a combination of, for example, liposuction and a tummy-tuck would be necessary.