Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is the restoration of the surface of the body and its form and function whether it is after a tumour operation, an accident or because of congenital anomalies. Reconstructive surgery covers a range of specialist areas for patients of any age. It is necessary to take various measures in order to perform surgery. These depend on the size, type and position of the defect as well as any accompanying diseases and the patient’s age. In these respects and thanks to the advances in anaesthesia and intensive care, larger and more complex operations for older patients have been made possible.

The technical options range from simple, tension-free wound closure using fine suturing material in order to obtain a scar that is as fine as possible, through skin grafting and complex microsurgery to free tissue transfer or replantation of severed limbs.

In our opinion, it is of utmost importance to judge the suitability of the various surgical methods for each individual case. We do most reconstructive surgery ourselves due to our extensive experience, otherwise if certain special procedures or certain diseases are concerned, we can refer patients to experienced colleagues who specialize in these areas.