Mamma Augmentation Plasty
Incision sites for breast augmentation:
1. Most frequently under the breast
2. Less frequently under the nipple or
3. under the armpit

Breast Augmentation - Mamma Augmentation Plasty

Aesthetically appealing breasts are generally thought to be a prerequisite in a feminine figure, thus boosting levels of self-esteem and promoting a positive sense of well-being with one’s own body. After massive weight loss, giving birth, breastfeeding, or due to aging, breasts often lose their firmness and volume (involutional atrophy). Women with this condition or women whose breasts are asymmetrical or disproportionately small to the rest of their bodies often wish for operative surgery. Through the insertion of implants, breasts cannot only be enlarged, but improved in shape.

We normally carry out breast augmentation by inserting silicone implants (alternative method: lipofilling). This method achieves highly natural-looking results, and due to the modern properties of today’s implants the levels of safety have vastly improved. The outer shell is multi-layered and the silicone filling is made in such a way that these implants cannot leak.

Based on what is known today, any significant increase in the risk of breast cancer, rheumatic or immunological disease caused by implants is unknown. However, recently there have been discussions concerning a possible increased risk of a certain type of lymph cancer.

After surgery, the human body recognizes the silicone implant as a foreign-object and wraps it in a thin capsule of tissue. This is a completely normal, natural response and the capsule has no threat of causing disease. As a rule, the capsule cannot be felt and does not influence the end-result to any great degree. Only if, over the years, the capsule turns hard (capsular fibrosis), it can be necessary to remove and replace the implant. However, on the whole, breast enlargement operations are safe and complication-free.

Breast augmentation surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic. The implants can be inserted either through an incision in the area below the nipples, the undersides of the breasts, or the armpits. Depending on the individual, the implant will be positioned either above or below the chest muscle.

Usually, we perform breast augmentation by inserting an implant through an incision on the underside of the breast and placing the implant above the chest muscle (see diagram 1, incision 1).

This method has been proven highly effective and our patients report a very natural feeling of sensitivity in the operated breast. The size and shape of the implant are talked over with you and chosen before the operation. We position the incisions in such a way that scars are barely noticeable.


In the run up to the operation, we will carry out the necessary precautionary examinations for your safety and comfort. With the results you will be introduced to the anaesthetist. Before the operation date you will have an appointment during which you will be given detailed information on general and any specific risks associated with the surgery. Before breast enlargement surgery you should also make an appointment with your gynaecologist to rule out any breast disease or early signs of tumour development.

Aftercare and Recovery

Usually, you will be in hospital for 1 to 2 days. The inserted drainage tubes will be removed in the days following surgery. Further aftercare can be given on an out-patient basis. In most cases, any signs of swelling, bleeding or numbness in the nipples disappear completely in the weeks following surgery. In order to achieve the best aesthetic results after the operation you should wear a specially designed bra and/or breast band. Where possible, to begin with you should only sleep on your back otherwise it could cause the implants to displace. Light work can be resumed a few days after the operation, but strenuous physical work or trips to the sauna or solarium should be avoided until 8 weeks after the breast operation.

Alternatives to Implants

Breast Augmentation without surgery
Breast Augmentation through lipofilling / body fat