Ear Correction
As you can see, there's nothing to see:
incisions are made behind the ears to pin
them back

Ear Correction - Otoplasty

A highly occurring, aesthetic problem affecting the face is protruding ears. A surplus of ear cartilage or abnormal folds in the outer ears causes them to unattractively stick-out. This is often a constant subject of mockery and it is especially schoolchildren whose levels of self-esteem suffer at their classmates’ teasing. As a result, parents introduce their mostly pre-school children to the plastic surgeon with the wish that the child’s ears be pinned-back. This operation is best-achieved from the age of 5 upwards as the ears have already reached their final shape and size. Of course ears can also be surgically corrected in adulthood.

Aesthetic ear correction is also performed if the ears are asymmetrical, too small, too big or malformed. The outer ears can be newly shaped, reduced or augmented. Ripped earlobes, or oversized earring holes can also be surgically corrected.

Ear corrections are mostly performed on an out-patient basis. The goal of the surgery is to reshape the ear cartilage. In most cases it is adequate enough to manipulate the cartilage through shaving or cutting it in order to weaken it to the extent where it can be reshaped and pinned. If the ears are too large, then some of the cartilage is removed, if the ears are too small or malformed, then the cartilage is built up artificially. Generally, the surgery is carried out through an incision in the creases behind the ear.

Aftercare and Recovery

After any ear correction it is necessary to protect the operated ears with a head bandage for as long as it takes the outer wounds to heal. Any manipulation, stress or strain on the ear must be avoided for a few weeks. In this respect, it is necessary to wear a headband around the clock for 2 to 3 weeks, and thereafter only at night.

On the whole, an ear correction is a relatively small operation with highly-satisfactory results, which, especially at an early age, can decisively change a person’s life to the good.