Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is not simply knife-induced beauty, but in all areas of this extensive field it is the restoration of form and function as well as appearance. The necessity or wish for plastic surgery can come as result of congenital deformity, disease (such as a tumour), injury, or aging. The aim of the surgery is to restore form and function as much as possible. Even if this is not always fully possible, there is usually significant improvement.

Plastic Surgery together with the training for it has 4 main categories:

We offer the entire spectrum of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery- from head to toe, for all ages, from the new-born to senior citizens.

One focus of our work is the treatment of all hand diseases, whether they are congenital, acquired (through an accident or age-related), or systematic such as rheumatism or psoriasis etc., with the emphasis on operative therapy (hand surgery). Naturally, we work closely together with experienced hand therapists (physiotherapy and ergo therapy) for conservative and post-operative treatment of the “hand problems”.

Another focus of our work is the surgery of peripheral nerves and the treatment of chronic pain which can be caused by these nerves.

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