Hand Surgery

Hand surgery has had its own title for a good ten years in Germany and is now looked on and recognised as its own specialist field. There have also been many developments and new techniques established in recent years, for example in the treatment of the wrist bones. We have both worked for many years in large clinics specialising in, among other fields, hand surgery, and we both possess additional titles as hand surgeons.

The hand surgeon treats acute hand injuries as well as their consequences, but the treatment also extends to congenital anomalies and the wear-and-tear effects of aging on the hand. The treatment of nerve damage and its consequences, such as compression syndrome, and the lower as well as the upper extremities also belong to this specialist field.

As rheumatoid arthritis progresses, the hands are very often affected. The so-called rheumatoid arthritis hand surgery is a field consisting of specialist operations to maintain or restore function to the hands as far as possible. Many surgical procedures can or have to be performed on an out-patient basis and for the most part we do this at the Penzburg Clinic. However, should there be reason for a hospital stay, then that is also possible anytime at Penzburg.


You will find a straightforward and easy-to-understand guide to various hand diseases and their different causes in
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